Christmas Recap

Christmas Recap

Hi ladies! I'm so excited to share my photos from Christmas Eve and Christmas day with all of you! I spent my holiday smiling from ear to ear, surrounded by the people I love, filling my heart with all kinds of joy and Christmas magic! I hope you are able to say the same :)

First I want to talk about these holiday outfits. This year, the weather in NJ has been crazy. I really feel like I moved to another state! The past few days have been rainy, warm, and humid... yesterday it was 70 degrees! Obviously I am not used to this kind of weather on Christmas so I had to totally change my outfit! I was going to wear a sweater, but in true blogger fashion, I went to Sadee's on Christmas Eve morning to get a shirt that was more appropriate for the weather. I decided to wear black on black because it's always the perfect go to and I really wanted to wear my leather pants. Well.. my cousin's, Lauren and Aby, decided to wear all black too! So funny because it was totally unplanned but amazing at the same time. Obviously we had to have a photo shoot! #twinning

TOP (40% off) || PANTS || BOOTIES (similar) || Wine glass charms courtesy of the Fab Fit Fun winter box

I have to give a special thanks to my amazing mom. She has been super supportive of my blog. She takes most of my photos for me and puts up with my occasional moods when I'm feeling like a shoot isn't going how I would like. This has been a learning process for us both, but I feel like we're doing pretty good for beginners! For Christmas, she got me the Nikon D3300! I was so excited for this because now I can finally have great quality images for you guys! It's also going to be a game changer for all of our holidays and events because I will be able to capture all of the memories I want.

We wanted a photo of all of the ladies, and I'm so happy with how it turned out! We had some outfit changes so everyone would be in black, and it was totally worth it :)

Evan and Kellen had the cutest matching shirts for Christmas Eve! It was adorable!

Evan was so so happy when he opened his Buzz Light Year on Christmas Eve. His reaction was adorable and I'm glad I was able to capture it on camera!

This was my third Christmas spent with Rob. Each year keeps getting better and better! I love picking out his gifts, even if he manages to find out what they are. I am so excited for our future Christmas's, especially when we have littles running around! For now, we have our baby Nala and we are perfectly content with that lol. She is the sweetest pup ever and for her, every day is Christmas. 

Now... For the past three years, Rob and I have known exactly what our gifts were going to be. We're both pretty hard to surprise because we are particular and know what we want. Rob is also very good at getting info out of me, even when I'm trying to keep things a secret (annoying, I know)! But, yesterday we decided that from now on, we are going to make a list, no matter how long, and pick whatever for each other, that way it's a surprise. Because really.. what fun is it opening gifts when you already know what they are?! 

For Christmas this year Rob got me a Tory Burch cross body (obsessed!), mirrored Ray-Bans (color: gold/pink), and the prettiest Kendra Scott earrings (color: rose gold/opal). He also told me he will take me shopping which I couldn't deny hehe.

Christmas Day outfit details: TOP (40% off) || JEANS || BOOTIES (Nordstrom Rack, Dolce Vita)

My precious nephew, Cooper, is obsessed with John Deere tractors. So obviously he got his own for Christmas! He is totally in love with it and it just melts my heart. I have a feeling he will be riding around like a pro in no time. Rob and I got him a smaller, play size version of a John Deere tractor with a front loader that lights up and makes noise and he was so excited! The feeling I got when watching him open it reminded me what Christmas is all about. There's no better feeling than giving a gift, knowing that it is much appreciated.

These two cuddle bugs couldn't be more adorable. This picture just makes my heart so happy. Maci turned 6 months on Christmas Eve and I can't believe how big she is getting! I am in love with her Christmas bow! I found it at a local boutique and it ended up matching her outfit perfectly!

As you can see, I had an amazing Christmas with everyone I love. My heart is happy and full of joy. I feel like I am ready to start off a new year and I couldn't ask for anything more.

Leave comments to let me know how your holiday was! What goodies did Santa leave for you?!