Trip to the Tree Farm

First I want to start by saying I'm sorry for the lack of posts lately! I've been super busy with finals since the semester is coming to an end and I've been trying to get everything in order for the holidays! My mom was also away this weekend and she's my go to girl for taking photos so I was definitely slacking. However, some fun things will be coming this week, I promise!

Yesterday Rob and I went to get a Christmas tree and we brought our nephew, Cooper. He is absolutely amazed by tree farms and all he wants to do is ride the tractors! It's seriously the cutest. I also figured he would be the perfect little guy to test out my new camera on! My mom got me a Nikon D3300 for Christmas and it came a little early so she let me start to use it already because she's the sweetest. Thanks mom! I definitely need to play with it a little more to figure out all the settings but I am more than pleased with the quality! I'm so excited to finally have great images for you guys instead of just iPhone pics! 

Here's some of the photos from yesterday. My parka is amazing (super warm & super cute). It's from Express. I also featured it in this previous post. My jeans are Joe's (as usual). I absolutely love my top from Loft. These faux fur pom pom hats are so trendy right now so I'm sure you can easily find one that you like! I've linked a black one here and a cream one here. Enjoy! 


Now one iPhone pic because I couldn't resist, ha! And it's the only one we got of all three of us!
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