Tuesday TipsMeganComment

Tuesday Tips

Tuesday TipsMeganComment

Happy Tuesday! So I came up with the idea that every once in a while I'll do a "Tuesday Tips" post since this is a LIFE & style blog. Today's tips are geared towards getting back on track when you're having a bad day. It's easy to feel overwhelmed once in a while when you have a lot going on. Falling out of your routine can throw off your balance and things can start to get messy.. At least that's how it gets for me. Preventing this from happening would be awesome, but you're bound to have a bad day (that could turn into a bad week) every once in a while. So when this happens there are a few things that I found that work for me & hopefully they will work for you too!

*One thing I do when I'm having a bad couple days is remind myself to have a positive mindset. It's easy to let one negative thing that happens in the morning affect your whole day. When you start getting down on yourself it makes it harder to regain control. Then you just want to cry because it seems like things can't get worse but then they do. So, when something bad happens you just have to tell yourself it happened and there's nothing you can do except move on. Thinking positive through negative times will help you get back on track because you're in control and know that today can be a good day, it just depends how you look at it!

*Another thing I do when I feel like things are getting messy is make a brand new to-do list. Sometimes I'll make a to-do list for the day. Other times I'll make a to-do list for the week. Then there are times where I make daily to-do lists for the week ahead. The thing about making a to-do list is that it allows you to physically see what you need to accomplish and when it needs to be done by. As you make progress you can check things off which is a great feeling because you know you're being productive. During school I like making daily lists for the week ahead because it creates a plan for me. I've always been a planner so knowing what I'm going to do and when I'm going to do it helps me have a good flow to my days. Having a cute notebook (like the one in the picture above from Marshall's) is just an added bonus! 

*Having "me time" is also important when you feel like you're off balance. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in everything that's going on in our lives that we forget to take time for ourselves. And taking care of yourself is the most important thing you need to do! Easier said than done, I know. For me, I LOVE exercising. Whether it's going for a run, lifting, or doing yoga, being active allows me to clear my head and get the negative energy out. Of course there are days when I'm busy or tired or just don't have the time to fit in a work out, but I don't let it get me down.. the next day I'm back at it. Everyone is going to have something different that they prefer to do for "me time" and that's perfectly okay. All you have to do is make time for an activity that allows you to regroup and you will start feeling better in no time!

Well, that's all I have for you today! I hope you liked this post and feel inspired :) if you're having a bad day today, just know it will get better! Think positive, make a to-do list, and don't forget to add me time! If you have any tips to help get back on track after a bad day leave them in the comments below! 


P.S. I also want to wish the happiest of birthdays to my pretty Lauren! I love you mama!