Currently Crushing On: DIY Glitter Pinecones

Currently Crushing On: DIY Glitter Pinecones
DIY glitter pinecones //

Happy Wednesday gals! We're half way through the week! As you're looking forward to your weekend, keep this easy peasy DIY in mind. These glitter pinecones are what I like to call rustic chic. They are the perfect way to incorporate natural elements into your home decor, while also adding a little glam. They are also easy to transition from fall to winter. Whether you use them as a name card holder on Thanksgiving, sit them in glass dish on your coffee table, hang them from your Christmas tree, or use them as part of your NYE table scape, these babies will add a little sparkle to your holiday season year after year. 


Pinecones (I got mine at Target for $5)

Mod Podge (you can find this at WalMart or any local craft store)

Glitter (color and brand of your choice. I love the Martha Stewart rose gold!)

Paint Brush (any type will do)

Paper Plate

Craft Adhesive Spray (or hair spray since you probably already have it and it works just the same)

DIY glitter pinecones //

Before I go through step by step, I just want to mention that I do one pinecone at a time, one section at a time. Hopefully the guided photos will help you understand this :) 

Step 1

Dip your paint brush in the Mod Podge. Cover the tips of your pinecone with Mod Podge. Be sure to cover the top + bottom of the tips as well, that way you can see the glitter from all angles. 

DIY glitter pinecones //
Step 2

Sprinkle glitter on tips that are covered with Mod Podge. I have found that it is easier to tap or shake your glitter jar, rather than pour it all out. 

DIY glitter pinecones //
Step 3

Repeat steps one and two for each section of the pinecone until all tips are covered in glitter. Once the entire pinecone is covered, turn it upside down and shake off the excess glitter. Then, place it upright on a paper plate and let it dry over night.

DIY glitter pinecones //
Step 4

Once all pinecones have dried, spray them with a craft adhesive spray OR hair spray to keep the glitter in place! 

DIY glitter pinecones //

And there you have it! One of the easiest DIYs ever, that is sure to make a statement this holiday season! 

Thanks for stopping by!

What are some of your favorite holiday DIYs? I'd love to hear them in the comments below!