Pine Barren Beauty Turns One!

Pine Barren Beauty Turns One!

It feels like just yesterday I was contemplating the idea of starting a blog, and here I am today, writing about how I've been the voice behind Pine Barren Beauty for a year already! Today's post is going to be word heavy, but don't worry, I've linked my outfit details below ;)

I want to first rewind and tell you how my blog came to life. The idea of starting a blog was something I went back and forth with for a very long time. I knew a blog would have the potential to serve as a creative outlet for myself and be a place where I could share my love for all things beauty, hair, and style in hopes to inspire others (just like other bloggers have done for me). After following girls like Emily Gemma from The Sweetest Thing and Julia Engel from Gal Meets Glam, it's hard to not feel inspired & want to chase your dreams. After days and nights of asking myself, "will I be good at it, will I have the time to keep up, where do I even start," I finally decided I was going to do it. But wait ... what would I call it?? Now that I had a vision I was going to pursue, I knew I wanted every little detail to be perfect & come to life exactly how I imagined it in my head. About a month after committing myself to this decision, Rob & I were sitting in his truck at the field in the middle of the woods watching the deer, and the name Pine Barren Beauty popped into my head and I thought how freaking perfect?! I felt in my soul that naming my blog Pine Barren Beauty would allow me to create a brand where the name would reflect the content in the truest way. A couple weeks later, my life & style blog Pine Barren Beauty was born!

Fast forward one entire year and here I am! I have learned SO SO much throughout this process and I continue to learn something new every day. The number one thing I've learned so far is to always stay true to myself. These words have always held a special place in my heart. Time & time again, staying true to myself has proven to keep my passions alive and set a fire in my soul that is the driving force behind living with a purpose. In regards to blogging, staying true to myself has meant creating original content that reflects who I am and what I love (which is why you see a lot of basics, neutrals, beauty products, and Rob). I am always coming up with new ideas & thinking of ways to incorporate fresh content into my blog so you guys are constantly feeling inspired! More times than not it's trial and error because bringing a vision to life in the most perfect way is tough. BUT once you feel like people are seeing & understanding your vision, there's no turning back.

Although my blog is not perfect yet, it's on it's way. I have enjoyed every second of styling outfits, writing posts, and sharing my favorite things with all of you. I cannot thank you all enough for following my journey! I need to send a special thank you to my mom for pushing me to do this & (usually) being the person on the other side of the lens; to Rob for always being my number one fan & for dealing with late night write ups on the reg; to anyone and everyone who has ever taken an #ootd for me (Kelli I'm looking at you!); and to you - my readers! Without you gals, Pine Barren Beauty would still be a vision in my head! SO ... to show you all just how much I love you - I'm giving away this Loren Hope cuff over on my Instagram!! If you've been following me for a while, you know this cuff is my go-to. It's such a beautiful piece & one lucky reader is going to win it! Be sure to check out my Instagram (@pinebarrenbeauty) to find out how it could be yours! 

As always, thanks for stopping by!


fall transition outfit //

PS. I'm SO in love with this outfit! These boyfriend jeans are amazing & just under $100! And the sleeves on this top - yesss! These pieces are going to be fab for the fall transition.