Athleisure: LuluLemon Align Pant

athleisure, lulu lemon, nike

Happy Friday babes! I'm kicking off my weekend with one of my favorite athleisure looks. Sharing more active wear is a goal of mine this year, so I'm setting out to accomplish it early. Althleisure is definitely trending, and for good reason. 

When it comes to active wear, I live in it and you probably do too. Why? because it's comfortable and practical for every day wear. Whether you're hitting the gym, running errands, or just lounging at home, a reliable pair of leggings is a closet staple. This is where the Lululemon Align Pant comes into play. First, let's talk length. I'm short, like five foot three short. So finding leggings that hit me at my ankle is tough. The Align Pant is considered a 7/8 length which means they're perfect for girls who are petite #win. Next, let's talk material. These leggings are part of the Naked Sensation collection. As you can guess, it feels like you're wearing nothing! And no pants are the best pants - am I right? But really, they are SO soft, super comfortable, and easy to move in. And did I mention they're not see through? 

I know sometimes people have a hard time justifying spending a ton of money on active wear, but if it's what you wear most of the time, shouldn't you invest in it? Knowing that you're spending your money on quality clothing that will last is totally worth it (and that goes for everything, not just active wear). I've been wearing Lululemon for years and I can honestly tell you I still have yoga pants, running pants, hoodies, etc. that are in fab condition. If you've been on the fence about splurging, I promise you won't be disappointed ... you also won't want to go back to anything else! 

athleisure, lulu lemon
athleisure, lululemon, nike
athleisure, lululemon
athleisure, lulu lemon, nike


Thanks for reading! What are some of your favorite active wear brands?