How to Use the App


how to use the app
how to use the app
how to use the app

After doing a poll on Instagram stories asking how you prefer to shop my Instagram and if you use the app, I learned that more of you use the app than I thought! I wanted to take the time today to let you know there is new feature on the app called My Influencers. This feature allows you to follow me right on the app. After following me on the app, my photos will automatically show up under the My Influencers tab. This means they will show up with or without liking/screenshotting them in Instagram! (Don't get me wrong, I need all the likes I can get in today's Insta world lol, but this is super convenient for you guys being able to shop instantly!)

But ... first things first. If you're not familiar with the app, I wrote about it in this blog post, but I will also give a brief recap here. First, you have to download the app from the App Store. After you download the app, you will login with your Instagram info to connect the accounts. Any photo you like or screenshot on Instagram that is enabled with the app will now show up in the app on your main feed. To know if a photo is enabled with the app, it will have a link in the caption that looks like this "" or it will have the LTK heart symbol in the bottom right corner. 

Now, with the My Influencer's update, it is even easier to shop. All you have to do is follow me on the app and my photos will automatically show up in your My Influencer's feed! Because of the Instagram algorithm, this is a great way to never miss a post in case they don't always show up in your Instagram feed. 

 Let me know if you guys like this new feature! Don't forget you can also shop my Instagram's right here on my blog! If you aren't a fan of the LTK app, you can always click the link in my Insta bio that will take you directly to the Shop My Instagram! It will have the same widget you see below, where you just click the image you want to shop then click the item you want to shop and it will take you to where you can purchase! 

Thanks so much for reading! 


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