Hensley Asher Co. Beauty Review

Hensley Asher Co. Beauty Review
natural beauty products / hensley asher co.

Happy Tuesday gals! Today I want to introduce you to a natural beauty brand I have grown to love: Hensley Asher Co. If you've been following me for a while, you know I love natural beauty products and that I love supporting small businesses. Hensley Asher Co. is just that! Kaitlin, the shop owner, hand makes each and every one of her products with natural ingredients and all of the love. Think vitamin e oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, shea butter, and all that goodness. I especially love the packaging of these products, as it is what initially caught my eye! What started as a hand-poured soy candle making hobby, Hensley Asher Co. has grown into a full line of bath, body, and home products. Keep reading to see which products I'm loving and why!

natural beauty products / hensley asher co.
Body, Hair, Nail & Bath Oil

It wasn't until about a year ago that I began to use face & body oils. This multi-use oil has become a quick fave of mine. I've been using it on my body and nails for the past couple of weeks. It absorbs into my skin quickly and keeps me feeling moisturized all day long. If I ever get around to soaking in the bath (talk about lack of time) I will absolutely be adding this to the water. The scent I got is Sweet Nectar and it smells delish! Even Rob loves it so that's a win.

natural beauty products / hensley asher co.
Solid Lotion Bar

The next product I've been loving is the solid lotion bar. I've never used lotion in the form of a bar before, so I was instantly intrigued when I saw this & had to have it! I have to say - I absolutely love this concept. I use this after I shower and it's so easy to apply! I also got this is the scent sweet nectar and I'm glad I did! I typically use either the oil or the bar, never both together. They are equally moisturizing on their own! 

natural lip balm / hensley asher co.
Lip Moisturizer

You guys know I love a good lip balm and this one is no exception. I especially love that this one is not tinted because I can apply it before bed without wasting color or worrying about it getting on my pillow case. This comes in tons of scents/flavors and I chose brown sugar for the simple fact that it sounded good haha. And believe me when I tell you, it really smells like brown sugar! You also can't beat the price point on these babies (just under $4!!!). 

natural soy candle / hensley asher co.
Soy Candle

And now the soy candle - where it started for Hensley Asher Co.! Each candle is a different scent and has a different saying on the front (i.e. Bubble Bath & Wine). Each saying is inspired by Kaitlin's journey through motherhood which I think is awesome. Even though I'm not a mama yet, I can definitely relate to a handful of these witty phrases. With Mother's Day coming up - keep these candles in mind, as they would make the perfect gift for all of the mama's you know! And yes - my candle really does smell like sparkling champagne *insert heart eyes emoji here*! 

natural beauty products / hensley asher co.


As always, thanks for reading! 

& a huge thanks to Kaitlin for gifting me all of these items! All opinions are my own.