Skincare With Pura Organics
skincare with pura organics

Happy Friday babes! I am so excited to be writing today's post because A. I'm a skin care lover and B. Pura Organics is a game changer! Let's jump right in. 

Pura Organics is an all natural skin care brand created by lifestyle blogger Molly Fay. As a 20-something year old with sensitive skin, struggling to find products that were both organic and effective, Molly decided to take matters into her own hands by developing her own skin care line! Can you say #bossbabe? She created this line with us in mind - the every day girl in her mid twenties looking for luxe, nontoxic products that will successfully prevent aging. 

From the formulas to the packaging to how informative the website is, Molly created a brand that has truly impressed me. I've been using the Under Eye Tightening Gel, Firming Night Moisturizer, and Nourishing Face & Body Scrub for about a month now and I have fallen in love! Knowing that I am using products with clean ingredients & seeing that they really are working makes all the difference. Keep reading to see what I love about each product! 

PS. There's a pretty sweet discount code at the end of this post! Once you're convinced be sure to order ;)

skincare with pura organics // under eye tightening gel


You guys. This under eye gel is literally e v e r y t h i n g. But first, a confession: as much as I'm into skin care, the first time I used an eye cream was about a year ago. Honestly, it wasn't a priority for me because I wasn't seeing any signs of aging. However, just because I wasn't seeing any signs of aging (yet) didn't mean it wasn't slowly happening. Since coming to this realization, I've tried a handful of eye products over the past year and this one takes the cake. Easily.

Within a few seconds of applying the gel under your eyes, you feel it start to work. It has a cooling & tightening effect that you feel almost immediately. I use this product religiously  morning & night and a little bit goes a long way. What I've noticed the most is that when I wake up after a night of less sleep than usual, the bags under my eyes are gone by the time I am ready to head out the door, all because of this miracle worker. Seriously. I don't even own concealer so there's no make up that goes into hiding my flaws. That's how good this stuff is. It's definitely going to become a holy grail product in my skin care routine! 

Side note: I've been using this on Rob as well and it's definitely helped make his eyes look more youthful! He doesn't get nearly enough sleep as he should and he's out in the sun for work so the skin around his eyes definitely needs some love & this product is exactly that! Don't tell him I told you haha!

skincare with pura organics // firming night moisturizer


The firming night moisturizer is another product from this line that I have fallen in love with. It's lightweight, making it perfect for this time of year. It has a very creamy and smooth consistency which makes it easy to apply and even easier for the skin to absorb. The scent is fresh & definitely one of my favorites to date. I've been alternating between this moisturizer and my usual face oil which has turned out to be a fabulous combo. My skin has never been more hydrated! 

skincare with pura organics // nourishing face and body scrub


This scrub is amazing! I've used a lot of body scrubs over the years, but none of them have ever been as fine as this one. When looking at it, it looks like a moisturizer because it appears creamy. When applying it, it feels like tiny tiny grains of sand. I LOVE that it's very fine because that makes it super gentle on the skin and safe enough to use on your face. My skin always feels smooth & looks so glowy after using this in the shower. Again, a little bit goes a long way. This is definitely a must have product for summer time because exfoliating is key after being out in the sun! 

skincare with pura organics
skincare with pura organics
skincare with pura organics


Thanks so much for stopping by! I truly believe in Pura Organics and all that it stands for! If you've been looking for an organic skincare line that truly is effective in preventing the aging process, I sure hope you give these products a try! The line also includes a rejuvenating cleanser and advanced lift neck cream!  

You can use my code PBB15 for 15% off your order!