Three Ways to Revamp Your Night Time Routine


Happy Wednesday babes! I don't know about you, but I am definitely a creature of habit. There's something about daily routines that puts my mind at ease and makes it easier to get through the day. However, routines can become so repetitive & get boring. Once I start getting bored with my routine, I know it's time to switch things up. I've recently made some changes to my night time routine and have found them to be super helpful, so I wanted to share! Keep reading to see what I've changed & how it's impacted me!


For me, my night time routine starts with my skin care routine. Every night without fail, I wash my face and brush my teeth right before I head to bed. Because my skin care routine is so consistent, I tend to get bored of certain products (unless they're seriously the bomb dot com) and my skin tends to get used to certain products. So, as the seasons come and go, I switch up my products depending on my skin's needs. Incorporating new products into my routine keeps it fresh and makes me more likely to stick to it.

My current night time skin care routine for summer is as follows. 

Damn Good Face Wash: The Works // This stuff literally takes off all traces of makeup & dirt, leaving your skin silky smooth! (read more about it here) 
Pura Organics Under Eye Tightening Gel // This eye gel is amazing! Best one I've used yet! (read about it here & use code PBB15 for 15% off when you order! )
Indie Lee Squalane Facial Oil // Oils are my favorite types of moisturizers for summer time! This one is all natural & keeps my skin hydrated and glowing!
Products I use nightly as needed: Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant (to exfoliate after washing), Glossier Super Pure Serum (as a spot treatment for any blemishes), and Fresh Vitamin Nectar Vibrancy-Boosting Mask (for brighter, glowy skin)


This task might be easier said than done. During my first week of practicing this new little idea, I caved twice and Rob told me I was weak *eye roll* haha. But it's true - it is easier said than done. I think it's safe to say that we are all addicted to our phones whether we want to admit it or not. How many of you get all cozy in bed and then scroll through instagram/facebook/pinterest for at least 20 minutes before putting your phone down? #guilty. This habit is so not healthy. Put the phone down and read a book. Once you get past that first week and realize how much easier it is to fall asleep (and stay asleep) after 20 minutes of reading instead of scrolling, you will thank me. I promise


Whether you prefer candles, diffusers, etc., a new scent is always refreshing. My go to candle is by Capri Blue in the scent Volcano. This is a great scent for all year round, but it's my favorite for spring and summer. If you light your candle while you're reading before you go to sleep, just make sure it's within reach to blow it out from bed that way you don't have to get up once you're comfy! Rob & I also have an oil diffuser that we both love. Call me crazy, but I definitely think it helps us sleep better at night. Our favorite night time oils to diffuse are by doterra and the scents are vetiver and serenity. They are so calming and give the entire room a relaxed vibe. Lavender is another one of my favorite oils. I have this in a roller ball and put it on my temples if I'm really having trouble falling asleep. If you don't buy into the oils, definitely try swapping out your candles!

As always, thanks for reading! Leave a comment letting me know what your night time routine is like!