Weekend Getaway: Nantucket
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Hi babes! If you follow me over on insta then you know that Rob & I went to Nantucket this past weekend! Today I'm sharing a little photo diary from our getaway and some info on where we stayed, what we did, etc. Rob has been to Nantucket before for fishing trips, but this was my first time there! It is so dreamy you guys! The vibe is laid back and there are so many cute shops and restaurants right along the downtown strip. If you wander past the downtown area you will find the most adorable homes and cutest little streets filled with flowers and beautiful greenery. Not to mention the crystal clear water and fresh air that makes sitting on the docks that much better. We got lucky and had two gorgeous days with temps in the 65-70 degree range. Needless to say, the weekend went by way too fast and next time we will be staying much longer!

couple goals / nantucket travel diary
ice cream / food in the air / nantucket travel diary
window box / flowers / nantucket travel guide

On Saturday we had breakfast at Fog Island Cafe and it was delicious! We spent the rest of the day exploring downtown, stopping in all of the shops, eating the most delicious ice cream, and walking the docks along the water. We ended the day with dinner & drinks (and maybe some more ice cream) and a beautiful sunset. 

On Sunday, we grabbed some brunch, walked past downtown and explored the streets to see all of the cute houses! We grabbed coffee & tea at Handlebar Cafe and they have the cutest secret garden around back. We also hit some of the shops we missed on the first day (like The Skinny Dip, Milly & Grace, and Salt which were easily my fave boutiques there). We ended the day with lunch on the water before a long drive home. 

sunset / nantucket travel diary
nantucket travel diary
nantucket travel diary

Because we planned our trip in April, everywhere I wanted to stay on the island was already booked *insert crying emoji here* (yes, Nantucket is an island if you didn't realize that haha). Instead, we stayed in Hyannis and took the ferry over both days. I definitely recommend staying right in Nantucket to get the full experience, but if you're planning your trip last minute like we were, this is the second best option. It was definitely a learning experience and now we know we have to plan months in advance so we can start to make this a regular trip! 

on the water / nantucket travel diary
nantucket travel diary
window box / flowers / nantucket travel diary

Because our trip was short lived, I didn't take too many photos on my Nikon. I wanted to be in the moment and enjoy my time with Rob without having to worry about taking blog pics, etc. HOWEVER. We do plan on making this a regular trip that will be longer than two days. So once we get the ball rolling on that and I get the full experience on the island, I am going to take legit photos and write up a Nantucket travel guide! But this will have to do for now :) don't hesitate to shoot me an email with any specific questions you may have! 

couple goals / nantucket travel diary
nantucket travel diary
window box / flowers / nantucket travel diary
couple goals / sunset / nantucket travel diary

I tried to pack as minimal as possible since I knew it was going to be a quick trip. Planning my outfits (and sticking to it) definitely helped. In addition to my dress & romper, I packed a pair of jeans & a tank, and a cardigan. I wore these sandals both days and kept my jewelry and sunnies the same. Besides that, I just packed my usual skin care, make up, and hair products (shop them here)! I actually think I brought less than Rob did hehe. 

I am going to post my outfits in separate blog posts because they're both so adorable and deserve their own haha! But if you want to shop them now I linked my striped dress here and my striped romper here. The dress is so light weight and airy - it was perfect for the warm weather! The romper is a little bit of a heavier material but not overbearing. I love that the shorts are flowy because they don't ride up. Also - both of these pieces have pockets! #win

summer outfit idea / blue & white striped maxi dress
summer outfit idea / blue & white striped romper
fog island cafe / nantucket travel diary
rose and crown / nantucket travel diary

As always, thanks so much for reading!

If you've ever been to Nantucket leave a comment and tell me what your fave part was! If not, what places are on your travel bucket list?!