My Favorite Blogs to Read

My Favorite Blogs to Read
My Favorite Blogs to Read | Pine Barren Beauty | flat lay, styled flat lay, 2018 planner, best blogs to read

To start off the new year, I wanted to share some of my favorite blogs to read! With social media being so popular these days, and the blogging industry being a bit over saturated, I feel like blogs don’t get read as often as they should. I personally love reading blogs because they offer more than what you see on social. From product reviews, to style inspiration, to motivational words, blogs are what I read at the end of the day to unwind with my glass of wine.  All of the blogs I’m sharing below are written by amazing women. They all offer different types of inspiration so I hope you will check them out and show them some love! 💗


If you're looking for a new fashion & beauty blog to follow, Bring Your Own Beauty is it! Courtney, the boss babe behind the blog, is not only stunning, but also super relatable. She always has the best beauty recommendations and I love her lifestyle posts. She is a new mom and it's been so fun to watch her little family grow! She's consistent on Instagram and her Insta stories are my favorite to watch. She's one of the only ones who I can watch all the way through, no matter how long they are! 


If you're looking for beauty recommendations, ideas for self care, and even blogging tips, Thirteen Thoughts is your next stop. Paula creates stunning content that is always so inspiring. Her photos are gorgeous and she just has a way of writing that leaves you feeling motivated. This is one of the only blogs I am subscribed to!

JESS ANN KIRBY is probably the only blog I visit every day. From fashion & personal style, to recipes and wellness, Jess does such a great job of creating quality content in every category I love reading about. Right now she is doing a wellness challenge with a different task each week and believe me, it has me starting off 2018 on the right foot! I also LOVE her weekly series click, read, love and her long story short newsletter. She is one of my biggest inspirations when it comes to blogging & life in general. 


Gal Meets Glam is all about classic style, beauty for the every day girl, and travel inspiration. Julia and her husband Thomas have done an amazing job creating a place where you can go to feel inspired whether it's for beautiful photography, chic outfits, or hair inspo. Her 'daily look' series is one of my favorites!


The Ocean Minded is a blog where you can go to find style inspiration as well as quality lifestyle content that will leave you feeling motivated. I always read every word of Jordan's posts because they capture my attention and are full of substance. Her content is quality and I love her style of photography as well! 


The Millennial Miss is written by my girl Chelsea and let me tell you, every twenty-something girl needs to be reading this blog! Chelsea basically writes articles that will guide you through your twenties. From travel guides, to career advice, to millennial marriage, Chelsea covers it all and does it with a great sense of humor! 

As always, thanks so much for stopping by!  

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