The Secret to Long, Healthy Hair

The Secret to Long, Healthy Hair
the secret to long, healthy hair | pine barren beauty

If there’s been one question that I get pretty often, it’s how do I keep my hair long and healthy? First things first, I have always had long hair. I did give it a healthy cut it a couple years ago and it hasn’t been as long since, but we are making progress. My one major tip for having long AND healthy hair is less is more.


I typically let my hair air dry and I am lucky that it looks decent when doing so. I will only blow dry it if I am short on time and need it to be done for wherever I am going. I also try to only curl my hair on days when I am taking blog photos or when I am going out. Second and third day hair sometimes needs to be touched up, but I try to let it go as much as possible. I also keep my curling iron on a low heat setting. The only reason you should use high heat Is if you have thick, coarse, ethnic hair, as per advice of my hair stylist. Another must when it comes to using heat on your hair is being sure to use a heat protectant, I love this one!


When it comes to product, I try to use as little as possible. Keep in mind, everyone has different hair types, and what works for me might not work for you. BUT, when I was using hair spray and texture spray every day, then brushing it out, recurling, and spraying again, I felt like it was drying my hair out and causing damage to the ends. Now, I only use hair spray for blog photo days or when I’m going out (this one is my fave). I rarely use texture spray, especially ones that have the word “dry” in them. I do love dry shampoo (this one is my current go to) but I try to use it sparingly. This has totally been trial and error because I used to be a hair product junkie, but I have found that using less product works best for me!


If you’ve been following for a while, I’m sure you remember when my hair was balayaged. No matter how hard your stylist tries maintain the integrity of your hair, I personally feel like bleach eventually takes its toll on your hair, especially the ends. This is why I decided to go back dark. I feel like my hair looks and feels so much healthier, not to mention I feel like my old self again. When I get bored, I get it glazed, typically a few shades darker than my natural, and over time it fades, then I get it glazed again. I’m sure i’ll be tempted to do balayage again at some point, and it will be a hard choice to make, but i’d rather have dark, healthy hair, than blonde, compromised hair.


Another reason why I feel like my hair is so long and healthy is because I take the Olly Beauty vitamins. When I decided to go back dark, I also started taking these vitamins, in hopes that my hair would grow quicker and be strong again. Even my stylist noticed my growth and we came to the conclusion that the vitamins played a big part in it!


Last, I believe in using a salon quality shampoo and conditioner. My favorites are the Living Proof Perfect Hair Day, and the Living Proof Full. I am currently using the full shampoo and phd conditioner. The full shampoo is great because I feel like it’s the best at removing product build up (hair spray, dry shampoo, pollution, etc). The phd conditioner is my ultimate favorite because it leaves my hair feeling so silky and smooth! Investing in salon quality products might be the change you need! The drug store brand products don’t always contain the best ingredients and can sometimes be the reason for damage.

I hope you found this post helpful! If you have long, healthy hair, leave your tips in the comments as I would love to hear them!


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