The Natural Deodorant I've Been Loving
The Natural Deodorant I've Been Loving | Pine Barren Beauty | kopari coconut deodorant

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As you may or may not know, I’ve been working towards switching my beauty products to cleaner, non toxic options, deodorant included. Throughout the process of ditching and switching, I’ve found a few clean beauty brands I have grown to love. Kopari is one of those brands! They have an entire line of natural beauty products that are coconut oil based and actually work. Some of my long time favorites are the coconut body milk (smells so yummy), the coconut lip glossy (super hydrating), and the coconut cleansing oil (takes off all my makeup)! When they came out with an aluminum free deodorant, it was immediately on my list of products to try, especially since it has over 1,000 five star reviews!

The Natural Deodorant I've Been Loving | Pine Barren Beauty | kopari coconut deodorant

Needless to say, I was thrilled when Kopari reached out to work together on their #TheTruthStinks campaign. They are truly making a difference by bringing awareness to the fact that your deodorant does not have to contain harmful ingredients like aluminum and other chemicals to actually work (just check out this video to see why). The key ingredients in the Kopari coconut deodorant are:

*coconut oil: antimicrobial and antibacterial, also hydrates and is great for sensitive skin

*100% plant based active: natural and nontoxic active that wards off bacteria and aids in odor protection

*sage oil: aids in sweat and odor reduction

*coconut water: hydrates & contains electrolytes, vitamins, minerals and amino acids

After testing their deodorant for the past few weeks, it is by far the best clean deodorant I have tried yet! A little bit goes a long way; you only need a couple swipes and you’re good to go. It goes on SO smooth and does not feel sticky or wet. It wears well ALL day and keeps you smelling fresh, even at the gym! I also sweat minimally with this one which is major. There’s just something about the formula that makes it feel like such a luxe product, without the high end price tag.

The Natural Deodorant I've Been Loving | Pine Barren Beauty | kopari coconut deodorant

So what are you waiting for?! Ditch the current deodorant you’re using that probably contains a bunch of toxic ingredients and switch to this all natural one by Kopari! You can use my code PineBarren25 for 25% off your first coconut deo purchase or coconut deo subscription! The subscription is perfect because it guarantees you’ll never run out & you get it at a discounted rate! Kopari is also donating $1 for every coconut deodorant sold during the month of October to the F Cancer Organization; talk about a good product and a good cause 🙌🏻

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