Gifts for The Guy Who Has Everything
Gifts for the Guy Who Has Everything | Pine Barren Beauty | gifts for him, gifts for guys, holiday gift wrap idea

We all know that one guy who literally has e v e r y t h i n g. All the tools, toys, gear, etc. You name it, he has it. So what the hell are you supposed to get for him when Christmas rolls around? Today I’m helping answer this question for you, because Rob is one of those guys who has everything.

First, I always ask if there’s anything particular he wants, even though I usually have a couple good ideas to surprise him with. This year when I asked what he wanted he said a “meat grinder” and I said nope my ideas are better lol. Even though I won’t reveal what I’m surprising him with this year, here are some ideas that would be sure to please your guy who has everything!

I think we often get caught up in the idea of giving gifts that someone can open and use immediately. But I also believe that one of the greatest gifts we can give is our time. One way we can gift our time is by gifting our guys with experiences. I’m talking tickets to a concert or sporting event, a surprise mini vacay, or even a simple date night out to dinner at his fave restaurant. Spending quality time together is something we all need to keep our relationships strong, and doing it in a way that will get your guy excited is something he will appreciate!

If your guy is outdoorsy and you want to gift an experience, think along the lines of hunting or fishing trips. Rob is a true outdoorsman and lovesss going on fishing trips. Although some require booking ahead of time or only offer one day a year to book your trip, you can always find out if the charters offer gift cards. If not, put money in an envelope and write “fishing trips” on it, that way it’s set aside for summer time when he decides last minute to go on the weekend because the fishing is good.

Now, for some basics. I hate to say it, but sometimes gift cards are the way to go. It might not feel as personal, but if the guy you’re buying for has a house, you can never go wrong with a Lowe’s or Home Depot gift card. Ever since buying our home in June, the projects are endless and things happen unexpectedly. The last place we feel like spending money is Lowe’s, even though it’s usually for good reason (aka getting a new washer and dryer because yours decided to randomly leak water all over the floor!). If he isn’t a homeowner, Cabela’s or Bass Pro are great for the outdoors guys because there’s always something new they can find.

Another basic gift: clothes. Again, this might not seem as personal as tickets to a football game, but it is something that will be appreciated. Rob rarely buys clothes for himself, and when he does it’s work clothes or hunting clothes. Of course these aren’t the only two activities he needs clothes for, so I usually try to gift him a couple nice shirts that he can wear to dinner or if we have a party to go to that way he has more options than a camo tee shirt and dirty work jeans!

I hope you find these ideas helpful!! If all else fails, just ask him what he wants or needs so you know he won’t be disappointed!

xoxo <3