Sweater Weather Q & A
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A couple weeks ago over on instagram, I asked you gals what you wanted to see on the blog. I got a lot of questions regarding closet organization, styling outfits, etc. A handful of the questions were related to sweaters, so I am addressing those today! I hope you find this post helpful! Please leave any other questions/ideas in the comments of this post and I will be sure to add them into my schedule <3 xoxo

Q: How many sweaters do you have?

A: Too many to count LOL. But really, I have more than the average person needs because of blogging. It’s my job to share a variety with you babes so you can pick and choose based on your personal style and what you need. I don’t ever want you girls to feel like you NEED to buy everything I share because you absolutely don’t have to do that! You can have a handful of go to sweaters that you can style multiple ways to achieve a new look every time! Which brings me to my next question…

Q: Which ones are your go to’s?

A: I always find myself reaching for my coziest, chunky, oversized sweaters because they’re what I feel best in during the colder months! Some of my current favorites are this free people one, this one from h&m (I have it in two colors!), this off the shoulder one, and this cozy fleece pullover.

Q: How do you know when to get rid of some?

A: When I start to get bored of what’s in my closet, I know it’s time to purge and bring in some new pieces. If I’m not wearing an item as much as I used to (or if I haven’t worn it at all), or if I’ve worn it so much that it’s not in great condition anymore, is how I know I’m over it or it’s just time for it go.

Q: How do you know which ones to keep?

A: The ones that are my go to’s and in great condition are typically the ones I will keep for the next season. I will at least hold on to them for the year, then re-evalutate when the time comes. I often find myself getting rid of what I keep since there are always new options when a new season rolls around. Sometimes I get lucky and my faves come back in stock the next year which is always a win!

Q: Which ones do you consider essentials that every closet should have?

A: This is a great question, and I plan to expand on it in 2019. I’m thinking of doing a seasonal essentials post at the beginning of each season with my top five must have items for that season. Definitely could be fun and super helpful when building your wardrobe!

When it comes to sweaters specifically, I think every girl needs a few neutral options; black, grey, ivory, white. Whatever neutral color you feel comfortable in is the way to go. If you like to incorporate bold colors into your wardrobe, go for it! Some of my favorite styles are oversized, a chunky turtleneck, and a good basic crew neck.

Q: How do you organize them?

A: Honesty is the best policy, so let’s chat closet storage. My organization system right now is pretty non existent. When we moved into our home this past summer, the closets did not have any units in them except for one shelf across the top, then space to hang. When you have a TON of clothes, this makes organizing so difficult. I currently just fold them and stack them, rather than hang them because then the shape gets funky. It’s definitely not the best solution, but it works (kind of). My ultimate goal is to have the elfa system installed in all of the closets in our home but that will come with time!

Well, that’s a wrap! Thanks for stopping by!

Leave any additional questions and blog post requests in the comments!