How to Beat the Winter Blues

How to Beat the Winter Blues
How to Beat the Winter Blues | Pine Barren Beauty | winter blues, spring transition, Marc Fisher espadrille wedges

The winter blues are real. It's that awkward time when all of the spring clothes are being released, but you can't wear any of them yet. The days are starting to get longer which makes the want for sunshine and warm weather a little deeper. And then you do have the occasional 70 degree day in February that you know won't last forever. So, how do we overcome the winter blues? I have a few ideas that worked for me & I think they may work for you too!



Even though we can't wear all the white flowy tops & pretty little espadrilles yet, we will be able to wear them soon enough. Now is the time to start building your spring wardrobe! There are so many staple pieces being released right now that will last you through summer; you want to snag them before they're gone! 

Start by making a list of investment pieces that have caught your eye, then budget for them over the next couple weeks. Some things that are on my spring wishlist are these Marc Fisher wedges (pictured above), this pair of GRLFRND denim, the Vince slip ons in white, and this pretty blush dress that will be perfect for any warm weather occasion. 


Another way to beat the winter blues is by switching up your skincare products. Add in a new brightening mask or try that moisturizer that's been on your wishlist. Switching up your skincare routine will leave you feeling refreshed. It's also a way to incorporate some spring scents into your routine. Last week I wrote about the Charlotte Tilbury Healthy Glow tinted moisturizer, and the week before I wrote about the Drunk Elephant Protini Polypeptide Cream. Both of these products are amazing & would be a great addition to your current routine! 


Last but not least, head to the gym or get outside on that rare 70 degree day in February (aka today in NJ). There's nothing better than a solid workout and some fresh air! Trying a new workout program or signing up for a new class will give you a change of scenery and have you feeling motivated when you really just want to stay in bed. 

What are some ways you beat the winter blues? Leave a comment! 

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