Life Update!

Life Update!

I know I've been quiet over here on the blog, but I've been soaking in all that is going on in life right now. Besides the fact that Rob & I are planning a wedding (as most of you already know) ...... we are also in the process of buying a house! YEP you read that right! Rob & I are becoming homeowners & I am beyond overwhelmed & excited for everything this year now has in store for us! Literally sitting here writing this with tears in my eyes because so much has happened within the past few weeks and it's all SO good and SO life changing! 

First things first, buying a home right now was not our plan. Buying a home wasn't even a thought for us. We always imagined building a home after our wedding. WELL. The best things in life don't happen according to plan, so I've learned. The home we are buying has A LOT of land. And it's all just so beautiful. It also sits across from land that Rob already owns, where we initially thought we would build our home, which is why it makes this whole scenario perfect. 

The house itself is so cute, but needs a lot of white paint to really be our (my*) style hahah. Our plan is to paint and redo the floors before we officially move in. I've been on every freakin website you can imagine picking out furniture, area rugs, pillows, etc etc. SO I will definitely be sharing more of this process on the blog and my Instagram as we go! Buying this home is the beginning of the rest of our lives and I am just feeling all the feels right now! 

As I said, this was totally unexpected and honestly put my wedding planning on hold for a little bit. Even though I am so excited about our new home, I can't forget about our wedding! I still have to pick invitations, figure out accommodations (if you got your save the date & saw our website - accommodations will be listed under the details tab once I figure this out - I promise they will be up by beginning of summer the LATEST!), and we have our cake tasting next weekend. Besides that, everything else for the wedding is pretty much set. My shower is going to be at the most beautiful venue, and now I can't wait for that so we can fill our home with what's on our registry (if I don't buy everything before then hahaha). 

This is such a transitional time for Rob & I. I want to be present as much as I can which has kind of put my blog on hold. I honestly haven't opened my computer to sit down and write a post for the past couple weeks. Not that I haven't wanted to - but other things have taken priority. I'm not sure what's in store for my blog within the coming months, but I feel a rebrand and more lifestyle content coming soon. It's funny because before the house situation was in the picture, I started writing a real talk blog post about finding your voice when it comes to blogging. I've just been feeling different about it lately, and not in a bad way, but in a way that I want to provide more value. I'll have to go in and edit that post a little bit, but I'll try to get it published within a week or so! 

For now, I just want to leave you guys with the fact that all these good things are happening and there are definitely going to be some changes over here within the coming months! I am beyond excited for what is to come! Stay tuned for next week's post where I'll be sharing more of what's been on my heart lately.

♡ xo