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Happy June! I can't believe summer is officially here and we are just about four months away from wedding day! SO crazy. This weekend I'm working Saturday. On Sunday we are going to try to take my nephew to NASCAR, depending on the weather. He gets so amped up when Rob watches it on TV and all he keeps saying is 'Bert I wanna go to a race and see Jimmy Johnson' so it will be cute to see his reaction to a race in person! 

Today's post is all about things I've been loving lately. From my fave sweatshirt at the moment, to safer beauty products that are giving me great results, and a blog I've been reading tons, I'm sharing my thoughts on all! Enjoy <3 xoxo


I have this sweatshirt in two colors and it's my current go to. When I get home at the end of the day I change into this and instantly feel cozy and ready to chill. It's also perfect for the weekend when you're just hanging or running errands. I sized up to a medium for an oversized fit and it's perfect! I want every color & just might get more since it's on sale right now for only $22! 


As you may or may not know, I am currently in the process of transitioning my beauty routine to safer, nontoxic products (read more about why here). When it comes to vitamin C serums, I've tried a few so far and this one has impressed me the most. The consistency is more on the oily side so I like to apply it at night. I've been using it for three weeks and my skin is glowy and bright. I have not noticed it plateau yet, which is a good sign, so fingers crossed it continues to work it's magic! 


In the process of transitioning my products to safer options, I decided skincare and base layers would be first. When searching for a primer, I was nervous because they either make or break how well your makeup stays on throughout the day. This one by Vapour Beauty is 70% organic and had great reviews. I've been using it for three weeks and it legit goes on like velvet. The texture instantly reminded me of the Hourglass Veil primer so I was pretty impressed. I love how my makeup wears throughout the day. It doesn't melt off my face or look cakey so this primer is a winner if you're looking for a cleaner option.

*Note: I do not recommend using a serum with an oily consistency under this primer. I was using the vitamin c serum above before putting on this primer and they did not mix well. By the end of the day my makeup was starting to melt off my face. When I stopped using the vitamin c serum in the morning, the difference was night & day! The Vapour Beauty foundation is next on my list to try!


As I'm venturing into the world of natural beauty, you know I had to try a natural deodorant. This one is pricier than some, but the packaging is what initially caught my eye. The ingredients are super basic and include rose essential oil and sacred sandalwood essential oil (two of the most expensive essential oils out there). The scent is amazing and I've been loving it so far. I have noticed that I still sweat at the gym BUT I don't stink so that's a win. 

In my research about making the switch to natural deodorant, I learned that sweating is normal when using a natural deodorant because you are not blocking the pores. This allows your body to detox how it's supposed to, in turn reducing the likelihood of detoxing through your skin in the form of breakouts! I want to try a few different brands of natural deodorant at all price points and compare them for you girls! Stay tuned for that blog post this summer :) 


If you'e been following along with my essential oil journey, you will know that White Angelica is one of my favorites. It smells delish and makes for a great DIY perfume. It also promotes all the positive vibes! It's a mix of  I put a drop on my wrists each morning and instantly feel uplifted. It's so crazy to me that essential oils can help with emotional support. You can read more about oils here!


I've been following Shannon on Instagram for a while now and have always loved her casual style. She shares a ton of her every day life on Insta stories and has the cutest little girl! I recently started reading her blog posts because she has been sharing a lot of life chats and advice. Everything she has been sharing is so relatable and exactly what I need to read at times! She wrote a post about choosing one word that you want to be your intention for the week. As the week goes on, you need to check in with yourself to see if you're meeting your intention or how you could do better. I LOVE this idea and will definitely be trying it out! I think it's a great way to become more mindful and really live with intention. 

As always, thanks so much for stopping by! 

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