Real Talk No. 4: All The Feels + Life Update

Real Talk No. 4: All The Feels + Life Update


You guys. These past few weeks, (months actually) my head has legit been in the clouds. Between wedding planning, unexpectedly purchasing and beginning renovations on our home, and just everything else that comes along with life, I have been flying by the seat of my pants for weeks. It's such a weird thing too, because up until all the things started happening, I was pretty diligent with planning my days and being organized. But I guess when you have too much on your plate, you're bound to lose your routine at some point 🤷🏻‍♀️ and for me, losing my routine also means feeling all the emotions, all at once. 

Buying and Renovating a Home

In this blog post, I shared my thoughts on our experience buying our first and forever home. You can check that out for more info on why we ended up buying now instead of building later, etc. One thing I didn't mention, because we hadn't yet started, was the renovation process. O M G. We have so many plans for our home and we came in wanting to do everything right away. Well, reality check, not everything is going to get done right away. And you know what? That's totally fine. It's always going to be a work in progress. 

Even though everything is going to take time, we have been moving at a pretty solid pace. We started by ripping out the floors. Once that was done, we painted the living room, kitchen, and hallways all white (shade Pure White from Sherwin Williams). Then, we put down hardwood floor in the kitchen, living room, and hallways, that way the floor was the same throughout the main parts of the house. We finished up the flooring last weekend and it's so gorgeous! It also feels good to actually have a finished floor instead of plywood 😝

Next up is trim, painting the kitchen cabinets and choosing a new kitchen counter top! Our living room furniture should be here within the next two weeks, and I have my eye on a dining table that I think will go with our space perfectly! Everything else will come together as far as the details go, but we also have plans for the master bedroom & bathroom after the wedding!

Needless to say, I have been a bit distracted from wedding planning! All I want to do is focus on the house and get things done; I even told rob we should have just eloped at this point 😂 (we really did talk about that as a serious option at first). But I know once our wedding day is here it's all going to be worth it for the #bestdayever! 

Wedding Planning

Speaking of wedding planning - in a couple weeks, it will be one year since Rob & I got engaged, and two months until wedding day. LITERALLY WHERE DID THE TIME GO? If someone has an answer or knows how to go back in time, please share in the comments lol. But really, time flies. It's such a cliché but it's so true.

Luckily, I got a lot of things done and all of my vendors secured right away. Now it's just finalizing invites & mailing them out, meeting with our dj to go over our playlist, figuring out the set up of the tables so we have a definite game plan for flowers, getting the guys suits picked out, and choosing our wedding bands. Now, I say that's it but it's a pretty long list once it's written out, huh? I know it's all going to get done but I better get to work 😝

More than all of that, here's what I have learned: even though I'm a perfectionist and details absolutely matter, what matters most is what you feel in your heart. It's your day and everything should be how you want it to be. Don't be afraid of what others might say or think. If you want to allow a ton of money in your budget for flowers because you LOVE them, then do it even though you're well aware they will die. The last thing you want to do is regret not doing this or that because you felt like you were being judged. Reality check - no one has the right to judge the decisions you make for YOUR wedding. I'm sure you have always envisioned how your wedding would be and you should do everything you can to make that vision come to life. 

On the flip side, that does not mean to be a bridezilla! You still need to take into account the feelings of your fiancé, parents, wedding party, etc. because they are a part of this process and want to see everything go smoothly for you! I feel like I've been pretty chill for the most part. Naturally, I've had moments of stress & tears, but who doesn't feel overwhelmed at some point when planning a wedding?  I'm just lucky that everyone involved in our wedding day has been on my good side so far hahah. But really, everyone has been great and I can't wait to see everything come together over the next couple months!! After all, it is going to be the best day ever! 

Blog Life

Between the house & the wedding planning, I've been slacking a bit as far as the blog goes. This little corner of the internet requires so much time & attention. There's nothing else I would rather be doing, but I'm also not going to post just to post. I don't want to get in that habit because then I feel like I'm not being true to you guys. With that said, I've also been thinking about rebranding and taking my blog in a new direction - but more on that later - it still needs time to come together! 

I've also cut back as far as buying clothes goes because let's be real, I'm on a budget til our wedding is over! I have my bachelorette party & shower (which means outfits outfits outfits), three other weddings before ours & one after that is a destination wedding so that requires more outfits, and makeup & hair appointments 🙃 I'm not mad about it, but my priorities are a little different right now compared to a few months ago which I'm sure you can understand and relate to. Isn't it crazy how life just happens and our priorities change according to what's going on? Just some food for thought! 

As always, thanks for reading! If you have any thoughts you want to share, leave a comment!