2019 Goals

New year, new goals. Yeah, yeah, everyone is saying it, I know. But after reflecting on 2018 & realizing I only achieved some of my goals, something inside of me changed. I’m tired of setting goals and not following through or not setting myself up to succeed. So this year is going to be different. 2018 was such a transitional year for me personally. Rob & I bought a house, got married, and got a puppy. It literally was the year of adulting which is why I think I’m feeling more motivated than ever. So here they are, Rob & I’s goals for 2019.

Health & Wellness

Every year, Rob and I try to make our health a priority. And we partially succeed. We will do so good for weeks, then get off track. And when I look back to really figure out why we got off track, most often it’s because we were trying to make too many changes at once and it became overwhelming or we simply weren’t as prepared as we should have been. So this year, we are going to take baby steps. By starting small, we will (hopefully) experience success and be more confident when we go to tackle bigger goals.

Drink More Water

This is a goal for both Rob & I. I think it will be a fairly easy one to achieve as long as we keep track daily and remember to fill up our cups once they are empty! We love these Yeti cups and this Simple Modern tumbler.

5 Day Detox

When I saw this 5 day detox from the Tone It Up girls, I knew I wanted to try it. After the holidays, I always feel like crap from all the cookies and treats and food in general. Rob is on board and we are starting Monday. Since it’s only 5 days of commitment, I think it’s a great way to start working on eating healthier long term.

Gym Routine

Rob’s job is pretty physically demanding and some days his hours are long, so I’ve been flying solo at the gym for the past couple years. It works in my favor in terms of being able to go in the morning or during the day so I can spend time with him when he gets home; however, I do miss going with him! This is something I have to just get over and start to get back in a groove. I’ve taken a few too many weeks off and I really do miss getting my sweat on every day.


I’ve been doing yoga on and off for the past few years. Beyond the physical benefits, I love the spiritual aspect of it. Being mindful and meditating are two things that we all need more of in our lives. Whether I start going to a studio or I find a program online that I can do at home, I truly want to commit this year.

Quality Time

Relationships fall under the wellness umbrella and this year Rob and I genuinely want to enjoy our time together as newly weds! We still have to plan our honeymoon which is a goal for the first quarter of this year. We also want to keep up with no phone zone while we are together so we can maximize our time without distractions. No phone zone was a goal we set last year, and I think we did pretty good with it! We just have to remind ourselves that our time together is better spent when we both put our phones away.

Get Outside

No matter the time of year, getting fresh air is so important for our bodies. Rob works outside and then comes home and is always doing something else outside, so this is more of a goal for me. Now that we have our house which is on 24 acres, I have no excuse! I hate the cold, but I’ve been braving it lately and have been loving how I feel after just taking the pups for a walk or throwing the ball with them.


As many of you know, Rob and I have plenty of ideas when it comes to home renos. We moved into our house in June and immediately started transforming it into our style. With the wedding and the holidays, things got put on hold but we are excited to get back into it and share everything as rooms are completed! Our list of things to achieve with the house this year is:

Complete the living room

Paint kitchen cabinets, replace counter tops

Master bedroom & bathroom remodel

Organize: pantry, under skins, laundry area, fridge, closets

Outdoor living space: pergola & outdoor shower; possibly fireplace


I did break these down even further into which quarter we plan to start, and even down to the month, that way we can stay on track and have a plan! Fingers crossed it all goes according to plan, but I’m also prepared to be flexible as I know situations can arise that you may not expect!


In addition to our health and home goals, I have a few goals for the blog which I will expand more on in a life chat post within the next week. For now, when it comes to the blog I am going to:

Post what makes me happy

Stay true to myself

Be intentional with my content

More focus on blog, less focus on Instagram

Spend more time creating content rather than consuming content

Stop putting pressure on myself when it comes to numbers

Launch a newsletter with exclusive content for subscribers

Cultivate a community

Plan, plan, plan

Get organized and stay organized

As always, thanks for stopping by! I’d love to hear your goals for the year & how you plan to achieve them in the comments below!