First Trimester Bumpdate

So excited to share all of my pregnancy details so far!

I can’t believe I’m already through my first trimester & will be 13 weeks on Wednesday! Since we just announced our pregnancy last week, I feel like there’s so much I have to catch you up on! So, I’m going to start from the beginning!


If you’re new here, welcome! Rob & I got married this past October (I have an entire bridal category here on the blog if you’re a bride to be or want to see our photos). We have always dreamed of having babies and if it were up to Rob, we would have had our first yesterday. After getting married, I knew once the new year came, I wanted to stop taking my birth control pill simply because I had been on it for YEARS and was just over it. I’ve been v into all things natural living lately, so it just made sense for me to eliminate the one medication I had been taking consistently.

Well, I went off the pill in December, had one period, and then got pregnant. We went into it with the mindset of whatever happens, happens. We knew we were both ready to start trying but we didn’t know we would be so lucky to conceive right away! Everyone’s journey is different and everyone’s bodies are different. I know there are couples out there who are not as lucky and my heart goes out to them. We are so grateful and so blessed to be on this new journey together and I am so excited to take you guys along. I also thank you for being here! Just know that wherever you are in your journey of parenthood, you are not alone <3

Initial Symptoms

Besides a missed period, I first noticed my back breaking out and thought to myself WTF this never happens. So weird and when will it clear up?! Then, it was a Sunday and we went to breakfast, and after eating I said to Rob “I think I ate too fast, I don’t feel right.” On Monday, I went to eat lunch (buffalo chicken & rice, one of my faves) and could barely eat one bite. I felt so sick I threw my food right in the trash. Then, I thought to myself, I am 100% pregnant. Tuesday morning I took a test and right away it came up positive! I just stared at it for a little while haha, and then began to plan how I was going to tell Rob, which I talk about below in the Q&A! These initial symptoms have lingered throughout the first trimester. My back is still breaking out 🙄 I feel nauseous 24/7 but it seems to be getting better, and I’m just overall tired.

Our First Appointment

Up until our first doctor’s appointment, it seemed so surreal. I knew how I was feeling. I knew that the pregnancy test was positive, but it felt SO much more real after seeing our little babe during the ultrasound! It was the craziest feeling. I immediately started crying and then looked over to Rob who was also crying. He cried more at that appointment than he did on our wedding day 😜 There is truly nothing I can compare it to. I am so glad Rob was with me so we could experience it together! We are so thankful that everything looks great so far!


What are you most looking forward to during pregnancy?

This is a question that I haven’t really thought about! I guess just seeing how my body changes (even though it can also be scary). I think it’s so incredible that we are able to create a brand new life and the experience itself is something that I want to enjoy as much as possible!

Biggest fear?

I guess my biggest fear is the birth process itself. I know they say not to have a birth plan because it never goes that way, and not that I do have any type of birth plan, but I do know I want it to be as natural as possible, meaning no epidural and letting my body go into labor when it’s ready, as long as there are no medical emergencies preventing otherwise.

Are you finding out the gender / Do you have a feeling about gender?

Yes!! We are finding out the gender! I am such a planner and surprises give me anxiety, so I need to be prepared in all ways possible lol. I’m sure waiting to find out would be the surprise of a lifetime, but I just can’t do it! As far as having a feeling about boy or girl, I honestly don’t know! When it comes to pregnancies in general, I never really have a feeling of boy or girl. Your guess is a good as mine! Maybe once I start showing I’ll have a feeling, but until then it’s totally up in the air!

Any cravings?

If there’s one thing I would say I’ve been craving, it’s ice cold drinks. I usually drink my water at room temp, but ice cold water has been something I’ve been wanting! As far as food goes, with the 24/7 nausea it’s been more of what sounds good and what I can stomach, aka bagels, rice, pasta, fruit … any carbs really. I’m hoping this will change as the weeks go by!

How did you tell Rob?

So, when Rob & I got engaged, he involved our nephew Cooper (proposal post here) and ever since then, I knew I wanted Coop to be the one to tell Rob when we were going to have a baby. SO, the morning I took the test and it came back positive, I called my brother in law since he wasn’t working and Dana was, and had him text Rob to say come over for dinner tonight. Then I went over there with the positive test in a box and told Cooper exactly what he had to do when Rob got there. When Coop gave Rob the box, he said “I’m going to be a big cousin Bert!” as Rob was opening it. It was so cute and Coop did great! Rob’s response was a tad underwhelming LOL but nonetheless he was excited and totally not expecting it!

As always, thanks for reading and thanks for sending in your questions! I plan to do monthly blog posts with updates, so stay tuned!