22 Week Pregnancy Update

We’re having a girl!

We had our gender reveal on Memorial Day and it was a success. In case you missed it on Insta, we’re having a sweet baby girl come October! I shared a video of the reveal on my stories and saved it under the baby girl highlight if you want to watch!

The entire time I had no feeling as to whether it was a boy or girl. In the beginning, a lot of people said girl, but as I started to get a bump and was all belly, it seemed like everyone was saying boy. Even though I had no feeling, I was shocked when the reveal was pink! It definitely took some time for it to set in but now I couldn’t be more excited! I think I just always pictured having a boy first, and really wanting our first to be a boy for Rob, so seeing pink was a bit more of shock!

We are 100% set on naming her Gemma and 90% set on Gemma Leigh. Gemma has been our girl name ever since we started talking about babies, which was like years ago hahah. So, needless to say we are super excited! I can’t wait to watch Rob be the best daddy!

Appetite & Exercise

Now that I’m feeling way better, I’m also a lot more hungry. I wake up starving and feel like I’m always snacking inbetween meals. Still no major cravings, but if I’m in the mood for something we usually get it. I’ve been eating a lot of fruit and my go to breakfast is still a bagel with cream cheese. Lunch and dinner varies depending what’s on our meal plan for the week but honestly the snacks are where it’s at. Besides fruit, I usually go for cheese & crackers or trail mix (and the occasional ice cream cone at night after dinner).

As far as exercise, I’m definitely trying to get back into a l little bit of a routine. Last week, Rob told me I’m losing my butt and I was like whatttt?! Took a look in the mirror and sure thing, he’s right. I had legit zero motivation to do anything during the first trimester because I was nauseous 24/7. I would walk the dogs everyday, but that was about it. I’ve still been walking them, usually twice a day, and this week I added in some leg/butt exercises along with some yoga stretches. I definitely miss lifting, but I’m praying for a quick & easy recovery after birth so I can get back into it! I’ve learned that it’s important to give yourself grace during pregnancy because it’s amazing what our bodies can do & there are so many changes happening. BUT, I also want to feel good in my own skin and still feel like myself! Finding that happy medium is key. I’m glad I let myself rest when I wasn’t feeling great, but now that I feel like a new person, it’s time to get moving again.

Registry & Nursery

Now that we know baby is a girl, I’ve been finishing up my registry and you guys - there are so many cute things! I’m using babylist because it’s SO easy to add from multiple sites so everything is in one place instead of having 10 different registries which i’m sure would be frowned upon haha! The big items I have on there are our stroller - the uppababy vista and our carseat - the uppababy mesa. I like that babylist gives you the option for a cash fund because it allows people to contribute what they wish so you can purchase your big items.

Also side note on this - I know people like to give a gift; however, when it comes to baby number one and what you truly want and need, don’t feel bad to ask for cash or gift receipts if they are purchasing off of the registry. I’m a strong believer in always purchasing off someone’s registry (baby, bridal etc) because you know 100% they need or want it.

Other big items I added are the Nanit monitor but I’m debating just getting a nest indoor camera since we will soon have the outdoor cameras. If you have the Nanit, I’d love to hear your review! Another big item on there is the Newton mattress which is 100% breathable, washable, etc. The technology behind it is super cool so definitely look into that if you’re expecting as well! The snuggle me organic is also on my list, as well as a super cute bassinet! Then just some blankets, swaddles, burp cloths, bibs, bath towels etc that we will be needing. I did not add any clothes.

My mom already got me the fawn design original diaper bag in blush because they were having a mother’s day sale and I knew that was the one I wanted! it’s so gorgeous and I love the style. I added the stroller hooks to my registry as well as the cosmetic bag to store small things inside the bag that i’ll want tucked away for easy access.

As far as the nursery goes, I’m planning away!! We are going to rip up the carpet (as well as in my office room, yay!) and put down hardwood. We’re debating on doing the same one we have in the living room/kitchen/hallways because we love it SO much, or doing a lighter grey. Then it just needs paint, either white or v light grey, and most likely shiplap but more of a white washed pine plank so you can see the knots and it’s not so perfect. We are going pretty neutral as far as hardwood and paint so that when we have baby number two, we can still use it as the nursery (boy or girl) and move Gemma into our second spare room which has a bigger closet!

So, I think that’s a wrap for today! Things are definitely getting real now!

As always, thanks for reading! xoxo