31 Week Pregnancy Update

The Homestretch

31 weeks!! I can’t believe it! For some reason when I say only 9 weeks to go, it hits me that it’s almost time for baby girl’s arrival! I feel like I just told Rob I was pregnant and now here we are, about to start the nursery in hopes it gets finished in time lol.

the dreaded glucose test

I passed my glucose test, yay! I did this at 28 weeks & I was nervous about it for a few reasons. Everyone talks about the drink tasting horrible but it honestly was not that bad at all. I can be a drama queen at times, but ladies, you will make it through your glucose test, I promise. I had the orange flavor and it literally tasted like orange soda. Now, even though I made it through, that doesn’t mean it was pretty lol. I fasted before hand so chugging all that sugar on an empty stomach and then getting blood drawn (not a needle person), didn’t lead to the best ending. As I was driving home, I had to pull over because I felt lightheaded, started to sweat, and knew I was going to vom. Immediately felt better afterwards and went to get something to eat right away.


At my last appointment, her heartbeat sounded great and I’m measuring right where I should be. Everything has really been smooth so far, and I know I am so lucky for that! She’s been moving around a lotttt and I always feel her kicking at the top right of my belly. It’s so crazy to feel (and see) when she’s more toward one side than the other. The only downside of this is that I feel like she’s pretty high up there right now and it’s pushing everything up, making me uncomfortable and sore. Considering going to the chiropractor but not sure if it would really help that much! I also don’t want it to change anything since everything has been great so far.

feeling uncomfortable

Like I said above, I’m starting to feel uncomfortable when she’s pushing on the top of my belly. I’ve found some relief through stretching, as well as sitting or standing up super straight because slouching makes it feel like everything is right on top of each other. Sleeping is hit or miss. Usually I wake up more times to pee than because i’m uncomfortable. I do toss and turn, but I have an extra pillow that I use for under my bump or between my legs. I didn’t bother to get a big pregnancy pillow because literally there would be no room for it in our bed between me, rob and the dogs lol. But a normal pillow has been working okay so far!

That’s about all I got for today! I have another appointment tomorrow. The fact that I go every two weeks now is making it fly by!

As always, thanks for reading xoxo