Hospital Bag Essentials

What to pack in your hospital bag

I’m not sure if I’m 100% qualified to be writing this post. If you read Gemma’s birth story you’ll know that she was four weeks early and when I went to the hospital I initially thought I was going to be sent home so I didn’t bring anything with me! I didn’t even have my bag packed lol, so that was fun face timing my mom telling her what to pack and where everything was.

All jokes aside, you truly don’t need much! I’m going to share my list of essential below for both you and baby. If there’s something I don’t have listed but you included in your hospital bag and found it useful, leave a comment so other expecting moms can add it to their list!!


hospital bag essentials for mom (& dad)

first you need a bag, I used this weekender by Fawn Design and it was the perfect size. I love all the pockets on the inside & love that it matches my diaper bag for future travels! (FYI I did not bring the diaper bag - no need to!)

your pillow (& your husbands pillow). I loved having mine especially since we ended up staying longer than expected!

comfy pjs. these pants are so cozy & this basic tee worked out great. joggers are also a cozy option. I don’t really love the matching sets with collars on the shirts, but if you’re into them this set is a great option.

slippers. i’m so happy I had mine with me! so much better than the socks they give you!

toiletries. having your personal care products is a must because that first shower is amazing and putting on makeup will help you feel more human lol. (I washed my hair while we were there because again, we were there for a few days, but if you’re only there for two days and have freshly washed hair, dry shampoo should be just fine.)

don’t forget chapstick & hair ties as well!

snacks & a water cup for both you and dad!

this might seem over the top, but bring your macbook or ipad! since we were there for a prolonged period and really were just waiting in the beginning, we watched Netflix and actually ended up finishing Riverdale. this was a way better option than the tv they have in the room.

the hospital will provide you with everything you need for postpartum care (mesh undies, pads, nipple cream, etc.)

hospital bag essentials for baby

at least two cute outfits & two swaddles or blankets if you want them for photos. we really love Lou Lou & Company.

letter board or milestone cards if you want them for photos.

carseat & stroller. we have the nuna pipa lite lx carseat & nuna mixx stroller. I got them from Nordstrom during the anniversary sale and OMG we loveeee them! to say obsessed is an understatement. totally worth full price if you can’t get them on sale. even rob is super impressed. the carseat is light and easy to carry and the stroller is really easy to push. I also love that the bottom storage on the stroller zips shut so everything is away. not to mention this carseat/stroller combo is super chic. I love the leather details!

the hospital will provide you with diapers & wipes and whatever else you will need for baby during your stay!

hospital bag essentials if you’re breast feeding

I brought my boppy pillow (this cover) and definitely used it while nursing. I think it’s more comfortable than just a regular pillow. it was great for our niece and nephew to use when they came to visit & hold the baby. rob also used it to sleep with when I didn’t need it so we got a lot of use out of it!

nursing bra. I recommend only getting one to start because as your milk comes in you might end up needing to get a different size. this one is a great option because it’s cheap & serves the purpose.

I really like these thermals that are nursing friendly. you could also opt for nursing tanks like these. either way, you’re still pretty covered with both as opposed to just a regular tee where you would be lifting it up.