Newborn Essentials + One Month Recap
Newborn Essentials + One Month Recap | Pine Barren Beauty

newborn essentials

snuggle me organic // this lounger is perfect for naps during the day, I put it right in the little crib/bassinet we have in the living room and she gets super comfy! it’s also convenient to put on the bed while I jump in the shower if rob isn’t home or while i’m attempting to get ready for the day.

halo sleep sack // they had these sleep sacks in the NICU and rob ordered one right away. he loves how easy & safe they are. we just got one for now in the newborn size. we got the micro fleece because our house is always cold and we don’t use any other blankets with it.

swaddle blankets // out of all the swaddle blankets we have, the Aiden & Anais ones are my favorite, with Lou Lou and Company being a close second. I love them for during the day while she sleeps. they’re also perfect for the carseat and to use to cover myself if i’m nursing her and we have company.

hatch rest + // another item that rob & I both really love! it’s a night light, sound machine, clock, two way audio monitor all in one! you can control it on your phone with the app which is really nice. it has a ton of different light and sound options. you can hear your baby and talk to them via the app as well.

bibs & burp cloths // my favorite bibs and burp cloths are by Copper Pearl. they are SO soft and have the cutest patterns! these are definitely necessary especially if you have to supplement with a syringe or a bottle. I also keep a set in my diaper bag at all times.

diapers & wipes // so far we’ve been loving the honest diapers. I knew I wanted a brand with clean ingredients so honest it was since their prints are adorable. she hasn’t leaked or soaked through any and we’ve been rash free so far. as far as wipes go, we really love the seedlings baby wipes from young living. i’ve been purchasing these for over a year because they’re nice to have around the house and they double as a makeup remover wipe. now that i’m using them for their intended purpose, I have to say they are amazing quality, super soft, and I typically just need one per diaper change! we’ve also tried the pampers sensitive because we were gifted them and they just don’t impress me. they aren’t super soft and I find them to be more on the dry side. the honest wipes are next on my list to try, just for comparison purposes!

stroller & car seat // if you read my hospital bag essentials blog post, you already know how I feel about our stroller & car seat. we have the nuna pipa lite lx car seat and the nuna mixx stroller. I am completely in love with both and so is rob. he’s super impressed with the car seat and loves how easy the base is to install. I love that the stroller is easy to push and that the leather details are super chic. when you can get a quality system that is also cute, that’s a double win in my book!

boppy pillow // definitely a must have if you’re breast feeding! not only do I use it for nursing, but it was also great to have in the hospital for when my niece and nephew came to visit. it just makes it easier for them to hold the baby. rob also uses it when giving Gemma a bottle, and he uses it for his head to sleep on lol.

haakaa silicone breast pump // so many people rave about this so I had to get it. basically, when you’re nursing, you put it on the other boob to collect your let down. which if you’re a new mom, let down just means your milk is being released. so baby nurses on one side and the haakaa collects the milk on the other side. I have not been consistent with it; I think because she’s not super efficient yet so I end up having to pump anyway after each feeding. but if you are consistent with it and babe is emptying one boob completely during each feeding, i’m sure it works wonders and saves you the extra pumping step!

newborn photo session // I am beyond happy we went with a lifestyle session for Gemma’s newborn photos! Allie did an amazing job and I couldn’t be more in love with the photos. we did have a maternity session scheduled, but we had it scheduled for september 7 lol. so when your maternity session turns newborn session, having lifestyle family photos is so special. I love that we also did them at home! her nursery looks so cute and the photos have such a relaxed vibe. to see more, follow me on Insta!!

Newborn Essentials + One Month Recap | Pine Barren Beauty
Newborn Essentials + One Month Recap | Pine Barren Beauty
Newborn Essentials + One Month Recap | Pine Barren Beauty

one month recap

I can’t believe it’s already been one month! it’s been full of newborn cuddles, lack of sleep, midday naps, baby smiles, tears (mostly from me), tiny hands and feet, night sweats, crazy hormones, nursing, new routines, creating sweet memories, falling more in love with rob watching him be the best daddy, and so much more!

it’s definitely been an adjustment and I think the hardest part (which is what I was most nervous for) has been lack of sleep. i’m a sleeper. so now I just sleep when she sleeps, even if that means sleeping till her mid-morning/first afternoon feeding. of course there are things to do around the house, but I need to be rested to be able to get them done. so if you’re in a similar situation, don’t feel bad about sleeping when baby sleeps! house things can wait :) although, i’m already thinking about baby number 2 and how i’m going to sleep when i’ll also have a toddler to take care of lol. but that time will come & we’ll figure it out then!

as far as Gemma goes, she’s doing amazing. at first she was having trouble gaining weight. she was born 5 lbs 11 oz, and was 5 lbs 1 oz at her first dr appt. when we went for our next weight check a couple days later, she was 4 lbs 15 oz. this was so hard for me hear because she seemed to be doing just fine. she would nurse for 30 min (in and out of sleep) and then we would supplement with breast milk via a syringe (which was so freakin hard & tedious). she would sleep with no problem. she wouldn't cry or fuss to let us know she was hungry. she consistently had wet diapers. so after talking to our pediatrician, we came up with the plan of nursing, supplement 2 oz with a bottle, and then pumping after each feeding. once we started doing this every three hours, she started gaining weight like a champ. we just went to the dr on Friday and she’s now 6 lbs 10 oz! so she’s making great progress and I feel so much better. if you’re a new mom, just know it’s super hard work, especially if you are nursing, and that you are never doing a bad job! my advice would also be to find a pediatrician you love. luckily, we love ours. she was so helpful and never made me feel like I was doing something wrong.

as far as a schedule or routine, we don’t have anything set in stone yet. our days vary but she usually eats every three hours. we typically have a little bit of a longer stretch throughout the night which I am so thankful for! i’ll always change her into pjs and put her sleep sack on right before her last feeding (usually between 10pm-midnight). after that feeding i’ll put her in her bassinet next to our bed so it’s dark. during the day i’ll have her in the living room with the tv on etc and it doesn’t seem to bother her. we do baths every couple days and we always try to do it when she’s awake. her wake time after she eats has gotten longer which has been fun. i’ll put her in her bouncer or on her play mat during this time until she’s ready to fall back asleep. all in all, she’s been a fairly easy baby so far and i’ve just been soaking it all in!

as always, thanks for reading!