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Inspo Lately

Today I'm sharing where I've been finding my inspiration lately! There's no denying pinterest and instagram are great destinations for all kinds of inspo BUT sometimes I get so caught up in scrolling and forget to check my favorite blogs, let alone find new ones to explore. So, lately I've made it a point to browse through my favorite blogs to find some fresh inspiration!

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Life Update!

I know I've been quite over here on the blog, but I've been soaking in all that is going on in life right now. Besides the fact that Rob & I are planning a wedding (as most of you already know), we are also in the process of .....

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How to Beat the Winter Blues

The winter blues are real. It's that awkward time when all of the spring clothes are being released, but you can't wear any of them yet. The days are starting to get longer which makes the want for sunshine and warm weather a little deeper. And then you do have the occasional 70 degree day in February that you know won't last forever. So, how do we overcome the winter blues? I have a few ideas that worked for me & I think they may work for you too!

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