Brow Game Strong


Today I want to talk all about eyebrows. Eyebrows are SO important when it comes to your look. It really makes such a difference when they are shaped correctly. Believe me, I went through the struggle of not having perfect eyebrows. But then, six years ago, Studio 21 Beauty Bar opened and saved me! The owner & brow expert, Jeanine Donio Whittaker, has worked wonders on my brows (and the eyebrows of so many others!) The best part is that Jeanine was trained by Anastasia. Yes... THE Anastasia of Beverly Hills. How amazing is that?! Needless to say, her & her staff know what they're doing when it comes to everything brows. No matter what your bone structure is or how thin or thick your eyebrows are, Jeanine & her staff can help! Before Jeanine, I had trust issues when it came to getting my brows waxed because they never seemed to turn out right. Now, I trust Jeanine with my brows aka my life and I have not gone (and will not go) anywhere else! (If you're local you can book online here by clicking schedule now!)

I hope everyone has a fun & safe Labor Day weekend! And I hope you enjoy my pics of brow related sayings just as much as I do lol!