Glossier, Hourglass, Make Up For Ever Review

Glossier, Hourglass, Make Up For Ever Review
beauty product review // glossier, hourglass, make up for ever

Hi babes! Happy Wednesday! I hope everyone is staying warm this week considering the crazy weather we've been having. Luckily, South Jersey didn't get as much snow as other surrounding areas, but it was still cold & windy which called for staying in and cuddling up. 

Today I'm reviewing a handful of beauty products that I purchased within the past couple of weeks. All of these products/brands have been on my wish list so I was excited to finally get what I've been lusting for! This review is a mix of skincare and makeup products and I have a lot of good things to say! 

glossier super glow serum review
Glossier Super Glow Serum

First things first, let's talk about my favorite product out of the bunch. The super glow serum by Glossier is AMAZING. I have been using this serum every morning after cleansing and before moisturizer. This serum is packed with vitamin C which helps to brighten the skin, and it definitely works. I have seen a noticeable difference in the way my skin looks with and without make up. Like the name says, my skin just glows. 

glossier product review
Glossier Super Pure Serum & Super Bounce Serum

Along with the super glow serum, I also got the super pure and super bounce, as they come in a pack of three for ONLY $65! Say whatt?! Typically, one serum can cost anywhere from $65-95. Needless to say, the three pack is a steal. If you were to purchase them individually, they are $28 each. I purchased the three pack because my skin is always changing so I prefer to have a variety of products to choose from. 

I've been using the super pure as a spot treatment for blemishes and it has been working well. I honestly haven't tried the super bounce yet. They say you can use more than one serum at a time, but to only use them once per day. I use them in the morning - super pure as a spot treatment if needed, and then the super glow all over my face. I could use the super bounce in place of the super glow, but I've been loving the glow so much! 

One thing I love most about the serums (besides the packaging - because really, how cute is it?!) is that they absorb into my skin quicker than any other serum I have used or currently use. That is a major plus if you ask me because they don't leave your skin feeling oily or wet. It also makes it super easy to apply moisturizer and make up right after using them! 

Glossier Mint Balm Dotcom

The mint balm is a universal balm that you can use on your lips, cuticles, and any rough or dry skin. I like it for night time because it's colorless so I can put it on my lips before bed. I also keep it with me throughout the day in case my lips or hands feel dry. It's packed with antioxidants and keeps skin moisturized all day long. The minty scent and feel is also a major plus! 

hourglass & make up for ever product review
Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Pressed Powder

This is my favorite setting powder ever! I've repurchased this too many times to count. Make Up For Ever recently reformulated this powder and it now comes in three color options. I prefer the translucent because my skin tone is pretty light. If you have medium, tan, or dark skin, I would suggest getting this powder in shade 2 or 3. It provides a nice matte finish and keeps my makeup in place all day without creasing. It's definitely a must have in my book! 

hourglass ambient light palette review
Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette

This palette by Hourglass is a definite splurge and I have been wanting it for the LONGEST time. I am here to tell you it is totally worth it. First let's talk about the different shades. From left to right, the shades are dim light, incandescent light, and radiant light. You can layer these shades on top of each other, or use them separatley to create your perfect light. The texture of these powders is pretty soft compared to other similar powders I've used before. I love that they're soft because the powder goes on smooth and ends up blending with your skin, rather than sitting on top. Because the powder doesn't just sit on top of your skin, the glow looks very natural, like it is coming from the inside out. 

Thanks for reading! What products have you been loving lately?

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